The system consist of two 36” wide conveyors, one that’s 100 feet long, one that’s 80 feet long, and a feeder with a 42” wide belt to help prevent clogging. The system has its own adjustable free standing legs that allow for multiple different site set up configurations.Conveyor System in use by Mickelo ConstructionUp at the truck loading end of the conveyor, we can provide a walk thru container to keep the sidewalks open for pedestrians. Our system was built with a custom fold-up design for easier setup and transport in tight city streets. This also allows us to unload and set up the system with our own equipment. Once set up in place, with the use of on belt scales and one centralized operator station, trucks can come and go from the site always knowing where to load, eliminating unnecessary truck staging. With the on-belt scales, we can accurately keep track of yardages and truck capacity. Load times for a typical 24yard truck and trailer are 2 ½ minutes. This has maximized efficiency of not only by loading the trucks but keeping a good rhythm going down in the excavation all the way thru the structural excavation.

This system has been keeping streets, sidewalks, and jobsites much cleaner than using an excavator up at the street level. For your next mass excavation project, think about keeping your sites logistics running smoother, and creating less impact on surrounding city street and sidewalk.